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For Business Enterprise Consulting clients KVQuest provides services in three areas.

Business-IT Alignment

For more than forty years "Paving cow paths doesn't work" has been a truism for business process automation projects. Most business processes have evolved over years or decades and are typically neither well-defined nor appropriate to current business needs. Using software to automate present practice has been and continues to be a disaster. "Business-IT Alignment" initiatives are just the latest spin on addressing this critical core issue.

KVQuest provides targeted high-level assistance to help clients get past the hype to address the core business strategy and management interaction with IT issues.

Enterprise IT Management

Sometimes business groups want to select specific platforms and applications that are inconsistent with IT standards. In some cases this is justified. In others it is not. KVQuest has extensive experience in working with management, users, and IT to identify the core issues in these disputes and to develop effective resolutions. Frequently, less is more and we have not hesitated recommending delay or cancellation of major application deployment projects until the underlying alignment, conflict, and executive commitment risks have been addressed.

Manufacturing Plants and other Execution Environments

Manufacturing plants and other real world execution environments pose even more complex challenges. The IT execution support systems may be locally, division, or corporate controlled, but in all cases they are under significant budget and performance pressure. Like Enterprise IT, they try to address costs and performance by imposing and enforcing platform and application standards.

In the plant and other production facilities there are real world production processes. Providing equipment and process automation at this level is typically not an IT function but involves control products that are increasingly based on commodity IT techno0logies such as Ethernet, TCP/IP, x86 processors, and commercially available software.

In this plant domain, conflicts between these IT and execution groups have been common and persistent. Growing government regulation of corporations is making the old practice of just keeping these two groups apart inadequate. Orders must flow down from plant IT to the operations/controls layer. Status, quality, uptime, completed production and regulatory compliance information must flow upward.

KVQuest has extensive experience in assisting these two groups in finding appropriate, mutually acceptable solutions. Please contact us to explore how we can assist with your business and operations/execution technology-related challenges.


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